Why is installing solar panels cheaper and more profitable than 10 years ago in Ireland?

Renewable energy has been widely characterized as one of the market’s most expensive options. Solar panel, in particular, has higher equipment and installation costs than traditional energy. However, cheap solar panels are now available. What makes this possible?

Many people have noticed a significant decrease in the cost of solar energy, which has resulted in an increase in the number of owners who put their trust in these systems. This is due to a number of factors that, when combined, have resulted in a more affordable system for users.

Next, we’ll look at what these factors are so we can understand why it’s now possible to find cheap solar panels to install in our homes.


Before delving into the factors, it is important to note that cheap solar panels have registered an 80 percent surplus in cost reduction, resulting in a significant difference in the prices of solar kits. Those 290 euros MWh would now be reduced to 33 euros, making solar energy one of the most cost-effective options.

1. Solar system costs:

Renewable energy systems based on solar energy have historically been characterized, among other things, as being incredibly expensive to build. When compared to the construction of thermal power plants, the construction of a solar plant typically requires a difference of 220 percent in terms of investment.

In theory, this is explained by the operating costs of renewable systems. Well, whether we’re talking about cheap solar panels or wind systems, we know that the operating costs of renewable systems are lower to a large extent because they don’t require a fuel system to function.

Solar panels do not require the same level of maintenance as thermal plants and, as a result, do not represent a significant long-term cost, because they can operate autonomously by generating their own energy (fuel).

2. Benefits scheme:

The advantages of renewable energy systems are undeniable. As a result, the Spanish government has largely funded the purchase of low-cost solar panels. This is done to encourage the use of this technology, which greatly benefits environmental protection and the use of renewable energy.

Owners can obtain these systems for only 25% of the required cost, while still enjoying external coverage of up to 75% depending on certain conditions (depending on each autonomous government). As a result, the price is more affordable in this regard.

3. Strong self-consumption:

Self-consumption of low-cost solar panels was not the most significant ten years ago in terms of profitability. In fact, the first solar systems could only be used as a supplement in different power plants. However, this has changed significantly, altering the role they play in the owners’ homes.

Currently, low-cost solar panels can manage more than half of the energy required in a home. In this regard, they have become significantly profitable in terms of energy savings, and thus a purchase of significant benefits to deal with the electricity bill.

4. Advanced Photovoltaic technology:

In terms of production, photovoltaic equipment has seen a significant improvement. Specifically, in the materials used and their increasingly compact, but efficient, designs. A balance that would result in a lower cost in terms of accessibility.

In practice, each solar panel would be able to work twice as long as its price was adjusted, resulting in a highly profitable offer for the owner, quickly positioning cheap solar panels.

5. Household-specific systems:

While there are large-scale solar systems designed for the home, homeowners can also enjoy solar kits as a compact but profitable offering. It is a collection of tools that will allow you to install and enjoy solar energy equipment in the comfort of your own home.

This system is simple enough for the owner to install and inexpensive enough to buy. A solution to the use and acquisition of this technology, presenting the buyer with a practically essential offer.


Renewable energy has made significant progress in two key areas: price and performance. As a result, its profitability skyrocketed, making it one of the first and fastest-growing options today.

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