How should the solar panels be oriented?

Solar panels are an intriguing alternative energy source. Its use is becoming more common, which raises hundreds of questions about its purchase. One of these inquires whether it is worthwhile to purchase low-cost solar panels in Ireland for a system that will operate for long periods of time and in open areas exposed to various weather conditions.

To answer this question, it is necessary to explain several points, the main goal of which is to guide the owner in optimizing the performance of their plates. The first point will be to understand how the solar panels should be oriented, which will allow you to finally understand whether or not the performance of your solar system will be affected by the purchase of cheap solar panels.


Assume there is a percentage range that explains how solar energy is obtained. The higher it is, the more energy is captured; the lower it is, the less energy is obtained through radiation. The percentage of energy obtained by the solar panels is determined by their orientation.

A poor orientation will degrade the performance of the plates, even resulting in losses. As a result, whether we are talking about cheap solar panels or the most expensive range, the inclination plays a critical role in the use of a solar energy system.

However, not everything is oriented. Because there is a significant difference between orientation and inclination, these two factors must be considered when installing either cheap homemade or industrial solar panels.

The inclination refers to the relative angle between the solar panels and the sun, which has a significant impact on energy generation. In short, both the orientation and the inclination of the plates must be adjusted. In this explanation, we will focus specifically on the orientation-.


Typically, homeowners do not consider the possibility of shadows affecting solar panels. As a result, facilities are found near trees or buildings that, at some point during the day, reduce the amount of radiation reaching the solar panels.

Even low-cost solar panels have diodes that allow you to control the effects of shadows. However, there is a discernible effect on the performance of the plates, specifically on the amount of energy they obtain. It is critical to choose a location where the plates will not be affected by shadows.


In short, the orientation should point towards the extreme south, where the most radiation can be captured. In fact, where is it? Changing the orientation of the plates will also improve the results as they approach the south.

Because the energy harvesting values are unlikely to be absolute, solar energy capture will never be perfect. This is because the location is not a variable that can be controlled impartially at the convenience of the solar energy system, at least in most cases.

The greater the south orientation, the better the performance of the plates, especially since the peak of solar radiation coincides with this extreme at noon, providing a significant use during this hourly block. In this regard, the recommendation is to point it as far south as possible.


From the most expensive plates to the cheapest solar panels, they can all provide the best results if the owner is able to properly control their location, orientation, and inclination. In this sense, it will entail correctly and constantly evaluating whether or not these variables favor the plates.

Because climatic conditions are changing, it is necessary to monitor the plates to avoid any damage, especially during the winter season, when snow can remain attached to the plates. Given this, a good incline could rule out this possibility; in fact, a good incline will cause the snow to move on its own.

If the owner does not address the cheap solar panel installation conditions (orientation, location, and inclination), he will be unable to enjoy favorable results, assuming a significant loss in this energy source. However, this is not the end of the story, as poor weather conditions may end up damaging the solar cells on the plate.

The health of cheap solar panels has come to rely on the terms of their contract, which is yet another factor to consider when evaluating this point. This will allow for an intelligent installation based on parameters that favor your energy levels from the start.

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