Solar Panel Installation Grants in Ireland


Homeowner scheme

Is My Home Eligible?

As a rule of thumb you will be able to apply for the grant if you meet the following criteria:

You own the property

Your home was built before 2011

We would always recommend giving us a call or check with the SEAI beforehand though!

How Much Grant Can I Apply For?

It all depends on how much you want to install. There is a maximum of €3,800 per home available though it is staged as follows

€700 per kw up to 2kw

€700 per kw up to 4kw if battery is installed

€1000 additional grant for installing battery


What Does This Mean For My System?

Here are some examples for popular systems.

.8kw system = €1,260

3kw system = €1,400

4kw system = €1,400

3kw system with battery = €3,100

4kw system with battery = €3,800

How To Apply?

Choose and appoint a registered company

Install your solar PV panels

Create an online account with SEAI and complete the online claims request

Your Solar PV company submit evidence of works to SEAI

SEAI process the claim – allow up to 6 weeks for payment