Pictures of Solar Panel Installations in Ireland

Our Gallery

A very picturesque 3.7kW system we installed in Dublin using our SMART all black panels. These modules are optimized to reduce the shading impact of nearby tree's. This system is also coupled with a battery for energy at night and a power diverter which sends excess energy to the hot water tank.
Here are 7 out of 11 panels making up this SMART optimized system in Dublin, split over the S/E and S/W sides of the roof. This system will provide electricity during the day and night with help from the battery along with some hot water from the Eddie diverter
Another great looking example of a split system using our SMART optimized panels in Kilkenny. This is a 4.9kW system split over the East and West roof faces which will provide a smooth power curve for the customer throughout the day. This customer will also benefit from night-time energy with help from the battery system
This 5.4kW South West system in Donegal uses our 335w split cell panels. Coupled with a battery and hot water diverter, this system provides the customer with a full energy solution
A lovely 4kW we installed in Wexford using our 335w split cell panels. This system is coupled with a battery which will provide plenty of electricity in the evening and a power diverter which will send excess energy to heat their water
A lovely 2.14kW PV array installed with optimized panels to boost performance of the system and minimise the effect of shading from the nearby. This customer also had a hot water diverter installed for his excess energy
This home has been fitted with 12x 340w PV panels, a Hybrid inverter & BYD 3.5kWh modular battery storage system. We've also installed a hot water diverter to make sure our customer see’s the full use of their systems generation.
This 6kW system features 20 very sleek looking 300w all-black PV panels. Our BYD 7kWh modular battery system has been installed for plenty of energy at night along with an iBoost diverter to add hot water from excess energy.
14x 340w split-cell Solar PV panels have been installed to this home in Dublin. A Hybrid Inverter coupled with a modular Battery system ensures that this home is making its way to complete energy efficiency - they can add more battery storage as they go along with minimal hassle.
This 4.4kW system featuring all black 315w split cell PV panels, BYD 3.5kWh battery pack is completed with a MyEnergi Smart Energy Package including Eddie & HUB which enables energy monitoring and some automation features