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Real-Time Energy Management

We have the control logic and monitoring platform that we believe to be the best on the market, we spend thousands of hours speaking with our clients to improve each version and allow us the greatest flexibility.

Clover|Battery Storage Systems Ireland

Voltage OPtimization
Energy Storage
Voltage OPtimization
EV Charging
Leading producer of rechargeable batteries: NiMH batteries, Lithium-ion batteries and NCM batteries. The complete supply chain layout from mineral battery cells to battery packs. These batteries have a wide variety of uses including consumer electronics, new energy vehicles and energy storage.
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Solar Power
Significantly reduced the cost of solar module production, making the total cost of solar power and coal-fired electricity equivalent. This has accelerated the popularization of solar power and made clean energy available to the general public.
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Energy Storage
Relying on the advanced iron-phosphate battery technology, Tthe requirements for energy storage, peak-load shifting and peak load/frequency regulation. By improving supporting facilities for renewable energy generation.
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Why choose us?

British Company
With UK assembly its products are ideally placed to exploit its clearly established supply chain to maximum effect. Making delivery and distribution, in volume.
With extensive experience in lead acid batteries through to the latest Lithium Ion batteries, Puredrive Energy is at the forefront of battery centric energy storage systems
Energy Requirements
With predictions of energy costs rising by 37% in the next three years the Pure Storage System will allow you to keep the need to buy energy at a minimum

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Further coupling to our AWARD WINNING Energy Storage Systems and you can benefit for all of the daytime excess energy in the evening.