Solar Panel Installation in Ireland FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar PV (or Solar Photovoltaic) is a type of renewable energy system that takes energy from the suns light and converts it into electricity for you to use.

A basic Solar PV system comprises of:

Solar PV panels – To generate electricity from daylight. These come in a range of different outputs and colours. Polycrystalline modules (blue panels) and Monocrystalline modules (black panels).

Mounting kit – To securely mount your panels at an angle and orientation that maximizes your generation. Generally, the panels will be mounted to your roof however ground mounted systems are available too!

Inverter – To convert the DC current the panels produce into useable AC current for your property.

Battery system – To store the unused energy generated you have throughout the day for you to use at night. There are many different brands and sizes available, but we will advise which solution is best for you following your survey.

Solar Immersion heater – This device will take any surplus energy generated and use it to heat your water.

Your system output will vary depending on your home’s location, roof angle and orientation. But don’t worry, we will do all the calculations for you in our no obligation quotation to give you a realistic idea of what to expect.

Solar PV systems are straight forward to install when you know how! Our skilled fitters are generally in and out in one day.

Anything can up to 6kw can be installed which is about 20 panels. We wouldn’t recommend installing a system less than 1.5kw – 5 panels.

No – Solar PV is a “fit and forget” solution and is the most reliable form of renewable energy system to install. The system has no moving parts that can fail easily. All components in a system have lengthy guarantee’s including the panels that have an output warranty of at least 25 years!

Yes! The SEAI will pay up to €3,800.00 for qualifying residential properties. Generally, if your property has been built pre 2011 you are eligible however you can check by following the below link:

Once we’ve established that you are eligible, we can provide all the help you will need to get the grant for solar panels Ireland. This includes everything from organizing the BER assessments to collating all the necessary paperwork and certificates.

Normally, a home is allowed up to 12 sqm of Solar Panels on the roof without having to ask for planning permission. Our 2kw package falls within these boundaries so generally no planning permission is required for a system this size. If you are looking a higher output system you will need to ask permission from your planning authority – we are here to help you through this process.